Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Spring Poem

Spring is awakening from the long winter rest
Little birds are chirping, in their nest
Bright sunlight shines through the blooming apple tree
All of this beauty for me and you to see
Dew in the morning, clinging onto grass,
The fresh spring smell, has finally come, at last
The bright green grass, and the blooming pink flowers
Such a beautiful day, especially this hour!
The big blue sky, cloudless, and sunny
The foals, the calfs, and the little baby bunny
Are all being born in this special season
Everything in spring, is all so pleasing!

Friday, January 13, 2012

"I love her"

Well, this was acually a while back, but one time, after a long grocery shopping trip I was getting some bags to put in the cart. As I was grabbing it, I looked up, and across from us was a lady who had no ear, just a little bump. Well, I thought "Wow, I wonder what happened, it looks kinda weird." After I thought that, immediately God told me, "I love her". As I thought about it, I realized that she is God's child, no matter how her ear looked. And like any parent would, he loved her. I suddenly felt compassion for her, and said a short prayer. I'll always remember this experience.