Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Elise's Missions

Yesterday, while I was upstairs reading a book, my mom was handing Elise my necklace I left downstairs, and saying "Go give this to Katie". Of course, she didn't expect much from Lisey, she just planned to guide her to me and encourage her to give me the necklace. Well, Lisey grabbed the necklace and ran to the stairs, saying daydee (katie) over and over again. When I heard her, I put my book down and listened. When she got to the top, she ran over to me, and held out the necklace. I said "Thank you", grabbed the necklace, and gave her a big hug, which she managed to squirm out of and ran away laughing. I laughed too, thinking of how lucky I am to have her! :)
A few days ago, I was standing by the island, doodling on some paper. Lisey was in the other room, playing with  all the shoes. Johanna was with her, and when Lisey pulled out a shoe (which was mine) Johanna said, "That's Katie's shoe " Elise ran off to where I was, saying daydee, over and over again. She handed me the shoe, and ran back into the living room, and the same process happened over and over again, until there was a small pile of shoes on the island. Elise finally got distracted, and played with some dolls. :)